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Family Pet CookeLisa currently lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband of 23 years, their two children (8 and 18) and their spoiled but loved family pet, Cookie. Lisa is described by her dear and long-time friend, Katherine, in these words  . . .    

"Lisa is best known for her creativity, her intuitiveness, and her quick and humorous antics.  Lisa loves building furniture, enjoying a good cup of coffee, photography, and having a good laugh with friends.  She has an uncanny ability to make each person feel as if they are the only person who matters when she is with them. Lisa allows each person to be who and where they are at each moment, and she knows how to ask the questions and sit with the silence to encourage each person to be their best.  Lisa loves designing graphic arts on her computer, books that make her think new and intriguing thoughts and inviting the quiet moments that allow her the space for her own creative and inspirational writings as well as those who encourage and inspire her own growth.   Lisa is very gifted in all that she brings to her vocation and she is a gift to all who know her!"



LisaLisa has dedicated her life to supporting individuals and families, and offering the gifts she has been given in service to others. Lisa completed her Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work in 1996, and has enjoyed a career centered on School and Family Counseling and Consulting. Lisa has brought her ability to inspire and motivate people - youth and adults alike - to her Workshops and Retreats across Southern California. She brings to coaching 27 years of experience as a Parenting and Family Advocate, Speaker, and Mentor. The "essence" of Lisa's work is bringing about a shift in her client's and participant's abilities to create lives they can love, relationships they can celebrate, and a future they can't wait to reach.          

Lisa's early professional work began in 1983 as the Director of Youth and Family Ministries in her church and as a Trainer/Director for the nationally-recognized Christian Leadership Institute and Youth Leader Programs. After having completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology in 1991, she began 12 years of teaching as a Private High School faculty member. Lisa enjoyed teaching courses on all four grade levels - Freshmen through Senior - in Theology, Relationships, Leadership, Global Civilizations and Studio Arts. Lisa has received several honors and attended numerous professional training programs and courses. To view a list of these, Click Here.  

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Lisa's work, in any realm, is both infused with and driven by the belief that people are inherently good, capable and wise beyond their knowing. Lisa coaches from a place of love, strength and integrity. She believes we ALL have the ability to create a life we adore, become that person we most want to be, and move with integrity into a "this is just what I've wanted!" tomorrow that will rise up to meet us. She believes that we create our own happiness and fulfillment not necessarily by "doing more" in life  -  but by learning how to "get more" out of life. 

By shifting HOW we see ourselves, our pasts, our tapped and untapped potentials, our personal power and our passions, we begin to see that everything within us is a tool  - available to be used by us to CREATE or to TEAR DOWN.

Lisa believes that "seeing" our lives more clearly and compassionately - as they are today - will illuminate our next best step forward, as well as the tools we have to get us there. This can not only free us when we feel "stuck", it can move us more quickly from where we are today to where we want to be.

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Even though teaching ourselves to see the "glass as half- full" happens to be a great way to live, it doesn't mean we can't also take brave and soul-full steps forward toward filling our cups to overflowing! Seeing the Sacred in all things and the Divine in all faces is at the center, and it is out of this ability that Sacred Findings Meditation and Gift Cards were born.

Lisa has been successful as a counselor and coach not simply because her clients feel enriched for having spent valuable time with her, but rather, because they are now better equipped to spend valuable time with themselves. Lisa is most rewarded when she can provide an open vessel; create a "space" -  within which her clients can meet, lovingly and safely, with their higher selves and with the Divine.  It is here that healing, re-connection, and new hope can begin.         

Email me at to receive an informative flier about creating a Personalized Coaching Program that will support You in taking your next step forward.               
We CAN find the Sacred in our Surroundings!

Thank you for reading  -
be Blessed.


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